D’Arts Donut Shop

This past weekend, I traveled over to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Fall Open APF/AAPF Powerlifting meet. For those of you reading this who don’t know me, I have been quite the competitor all my life, mostly as a gymnast. In recent years, I have taken up heavy lifting, and in the past few months, I have concentrated on powerlifting. Needless to say after signing up to compete, I knew I would be in search of some tasty treats post weigh-ins.

I weighed in on Saturday morning at 9:30am and was so depleted of water and food, but especially depleted of donuts. After a delicious breakfast at Wolfgang’s Restaurant (click here for their website), Jad and I walked ourselves down the block to D’Arts Donut Shop–a quaint and hip coffee shop that conveniently served some pretty delicious looking treats.

D’Arts had 4.2 stars on Google Reviews so I thought I should check it out. Must be good, right? We walk in and were greeted by a nice young gentleman who patiently waited for us to decide. The hard part was: there wasn’t much for us to decide on. Now, it’s understandable when it’s towards the end of your day and you’re running out of donuts; Jad and I got there around 1:30pm. We bought three donuts: lemon blueberry, gluten-free blueberry, and caramel macchiato (left to right).

Other than these terrible photos (apologies), these donuts weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great. For starters, they were dry. I needed water with these donuts and while I’m always in need of some quality H20, these donuts were so dry they were crumbling. If the dryness wasn’t enough of a turn-off, there wasn’t much flavor either. The caramel macchiato tasted only like coffee, no caramel. The small bits on top provided a small glint of caramel, but not enough to classify the donuts itself as caramel macchiato, in my opinion.

Jad’s lemon blueberry was just as dry and tasted only of blueberry. There was no lemon whatsoever ever, even in the frosting. I was disappointed because I truly enjoy myself a good lemon flavored donut! The last of the three was the gluten-free blueberry. I don’t have a gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or Crohn’s, but I have not yet run into a gluten-free donut so naturally, I had to try it. Surprisingly, I thought this was the best donut out of the three and it wasn’t as dry as the other two. I think part of this was because the dough was much more condensed and the recipe they used held more moisture. Jad was not a fan of it, but he did agree it was the better of the three donuts.

Overall, this wouldn’t be my first choice donut shop to visit in Grand Rapids, but if you do choose to go, I would get there early in hopes that their freshly baked good are, well…fresher.

Donut score: 5.6/10


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  1. Jad Alame says:

    I never thought the day would come where I would prefer a gluten-free donut over a donut with gluten! Definitely my favorite out of the three.

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