Meet the girl behind the donuts


H-Money, also known as Hannah, has had a love for donuts ever since she was a young lass, and that love has only grown stronger over time. As she ventures out into every corner of the world, she is constantly in search of the most scrumdidilyumptious donuts her taste buds can find. She enjoys short walks to the bakery (who likes long walks? Way too much cardio), buying donuts, smelling donuts, looking at pictures of donuts, donut clothing, donut fragrances, donut–well, you get the picture. She loves donuts and does not discriminate, not even against those awful jelly donuts.

If you wish to drool on yourself as you gaze in awe at the pictures of the fluffy, moist, heaven-sent dough angels and read an expert opinion, you should go right ahead and bookmark this blog. Then when your boss wonders “why the heck isn’t Steve getting any work done,” Steve, you will show your boss the beauty that is this blog and they too will no longer do their work. And then the business will fail and everyone will be unemployed….BUT at least these mouthwatering photos will be here to comfort you in your time of unemployment (if I have caused this upon any Steves out there, I sincerely apologize).

That’s it–LET’S EAT!