You have reached the sexiest blog on the planet, aka, the donut blog of all donut blogs! Feast your eyes on the beauties that are these donuts. I have volunteered myself as tribute to make the trek, no matter the distance, to taste the most wonderful donuts there are. I have been refining my palette for years and have become quite the connoisseur I must say (and if you disagree with anything on here, well, that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I won’t hate you for it, but just know your opinion is…well…wrong).

You may laugh. It’s possible you might cry. You will probably drool on yourself a few times. You might wish you had my life (but you don’t and I feel sorry for you because after all, I’m the one eating these things and you aren’t). You may not take anything on here seriously. Most importantly, you will have fun reading this blog and if you don’t then you’re probably a grinch and are just a no-fun-fun-sucker-Nancy who never has any fun. And that’s definitely not fun.

In the words of one of most notorious and idiotic men on earth, “It’s gonna be HUGE.”